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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

The Bourbon Kings: J.R Ward

Paula this is all for you!!

You know what is lacking in the world today for books? 

Books today is all about the 20 somethings, finding love for the 1st time or overcoming the hurdles of life. But let's be honest here, it is always great to have that moment where you get to live a little in the past but considering there are a whole bunch of readers out there that are over 30, and they too can seemingly have issues with love and overcome hurdles. 

Now, not that this was a easy book to get into. I was a little shocked at the amount of characters in this book and it did take me a couple of chapters to get into to this story. If you read and like Penny Vincenzi, her books are the same premise with multiple characters. Just to give you an idea. But what made me totally excited was that the characters where around my own age (30+) and they were flawed and they too have to live threw some ordeals. Ahhhhh gotta love that!

Also just cause things tend to be a mental road block for me (aka stubborn) I though that maybe was kinda like the trashy novels that I am currently taking a break from. I would honestly never have picked this book on the cover or the synopsis alone. Both of these did nothing for me. However I took a chance and ended up loving the book.

I cant get into detail for this one mostly because of the sheer magintude of the characters, but let me tell you that it is a good easy read....and maybe a little of smut going on. Just a little! Just trust me on this one.....great book!

Book 2 soon!


Brooklyn: Colm Toibin

One of those Book to Movie list's made this one catch my eye and after watching the movie trailer and seeing all the nominations of various awards being handed out for this movie I figured it must be worth a read.

Now to be completely honest! In most situations of book to movie they are rarely as good as the book. And considering I have not yet watched the movie, I am really hoping that the movie is better than the book. Sad but true. The book was a terribly difficult read. It is a long story and overly detail oriented. Meaning waaaaay toooooo much words to describe something simple. And I was not even completely sure of what style of writing it was, in some paragraphs it would be 1st person and others was 2nd person. That made it an extremely hard read. 

The premise is quite simple. It is about a young lady and her life in her home of Ireland. She is then offered  a chance to go and work in Brooklyn USA. She packs up her life and moves there and the rest is a series of basic events. She gets to Brooklyn and becomes home sick, then eventually finds her groove and heads to school there and then meets a guy. Then some sad news comes from home and she finds her way back to Ireland. Heading back to Ireland she meets another guy, is she then gets herself some what caught for having 2 gentlemen and then packs up and leaves and the end. Yup ends quite abruptly. See I just wrote the whole book in a paragraph. 

Unfortunately, this book is not one I recommend not even for the wordy type of readers out there. It is sad cause I think the movie may be better. But as always I have to give kudos to the author as it is always hard to put your baby (book) out there for criticism.


Wednesday, 3 February 2016

I was Here: Gayle Forman

death affects us all. 
but how does it affect us all. 

Could you imagine finding out that your nest friend had taken their own life? And you never even suspected anything? 

I was Here, is a great read about Cody's and her ability to cope given the circumstances surrounding her friends death. Something that was inconceivable for Cody to even imagine that Meg would even attempt. But after finding and discovering some secrets that Meg held close Cody has no choice but to go search for the truth and in return she finds, new friends and allies, and with her own abilities she finds her truth. 

I know that this is somewhat cryptic, but because it is a nice quick read, it isn't one of those books I want to give to much away. 

But I do want to add that there is no way for all us parents to know what happens on our kids phones, on the web or social media. Keep a eye on them and keep them close. 



Beautiful Burn: Jamie McGuire

Who doesn't like something beautiful? 

After reading now the final books in Jamie's Beautiful series, I have to admit that I am somewhat sad that it is over. I have travelled with these brothers now through, Beautiful Disaster, Beautiful Oblivion, Beautiful Redemption, Beautiful Sacrifice, Something Beautiful (Novella), and Beautiful Burn. And there isn't a better word to describe them but beautiful. 

This last one in the series is of course the last brother which ironically is named Tyler (same name as my youngest son). I may have possibly visualized this young man as somewhat my youngest would be as an adult. Which made the book more exciting for me.

However, the road to happiness and love is a mysterious adventure for these Maddox brothers. And there is always hurdles for the brothers to overcome to find their happiness and ever after.  Of course this is written is in the perspective of the young lady Ellie and her journey through her addiction and self loathing to only find stability and love. Like most of Jamie's books it is made of the same substance, the hurdle, the love and attraction. But in order to find the happiness we all strive to have you must fight through the demons. 

I will say that we are truly introduced to Ellie in Beautiful Sacrifice book and I did perceive her as a different personality than what is portrayed in Beautiful Burn. And because of that I did have a hard time coming to terms with the character she ends up being in this book. She just was not what I expected at all. But once I was able to get my head around that the story became inquisitive and enticing. 

I am sorry to see this series over....and if I could only suggest one thing to Jamie McGuire it would be to write a novella about the Maddox parents. 

Apparently a new series is coming our way in Winter 2016........


Tuesday, 2 February 2016

A Queen's Vow - A Novel of Isabella of Castile: C.W. Gortner

History is a tale that we all wish we could be apart of. Although most have us have lived through moments in history that will be passed down to our children and our children's, children. There is something to be told about life that was prior to your time. 

I am a big lover of historical fiction, and although there is no one to confirm if the words were really spoken, there is enough historical documents or evidence to cover the events that unfolded during certain times in history. And thus because I love history, I read as much as I can to have a small taste of their lives. 

Most of us know the story of King Henry IV and his many wives. Henry's 1st wife was Katherine of Aragon and if you have covered any books from several different authors on Queen Katherine you will know that she was the daughter of Queen Isabella of Castile and King Fernando of Aragon.  Now that the history lesson is covered, this book is about Isabella, from a young lady to a Queen of two realms. A love, treachery, conspiracy story with  many other tales and obstacles this young lady had to live through. Reaching into adulthood and having to overcome, create and in end to make her and Fernando's legacy of one of the most powerful royal couples to ever rule. 

After reading a little on the web about their rule together and how they established Spain as we know it today. So when I went to start reading I  had a little better understanding of to whom these people were. 
It was truly thrilling to read how Isabella and Fernando implemented a proper tax system and judicial system. And it was great to understand possibly was her perspective was. Also during her reign was also the Inquisition and Crusades, which I will admit I was not really knowledgeable about, but was interesting to see and feel what might have been her personal feelings towards it.

This was truly a adventure that I am glad that I had been through. If you love historical fiction then give this one a go!


The Girl on the Train: Paula Hawkins

This was one of those that I wasn't even sure I wanted to read. And well thanks to Kobo for having the preview option, cause without that there is a few books that I would never have possibly read. 

I am not a big fan of suspense or thriller books. There is a lot of people who enjoy those style of books and I give them a huge Kudos as they generally stress me out and give me panic attacks. I don't like feeling there is no possible way out, and well if you can't guess it, this is one of those books. 

But before I get to far into it, let me tell you that this is truly a book about much more than a little suspense or thriller. It is also about mental illness and how no one is absolved from it. And about how we all in end cope with drastic moments in the hand called life. 

There is a horribly wounded woman (Rachel) to whom cant seem to get her life together. A functional (or nonfunctional depending on the chapter) alcoholic with a mystery around her, with no capacity to remember the tragic events of one night in question. This is all about a healing of a young lady with a murder mystery behind the resolve. There is some twist and turns in this impeccable read that even I the amazing guesser of  the 'who did it' caught me. I did eventually figure it out, but not to soon before it was all revealed. The turn of events makes Rachel discover herself and reveal the wounds and where they were created from is moving. 

Being that the premise of the book could be perceived as an thriller, it could also be one of self discovery and a road to healing. I did enjoy this read and am excited to see it as a movie. Great job Paula Hawkins. I may possibly have to jump on band wagons a little more often.



Tuesday, 26 January 2016

The 5th Wave & The Infinite Sea: Rick Yancy

Green for the Aliens.

Well for those of you that don't know I truly love YA books and I find the break between adult, historical types fiction a nice fresh breath of air. Something about YA books and the other worlds they can take you to. 

I want to say that I love the depth of the main character and how she is easy to relate to. There is something about showing how a character goes from indifferent to a strong capable young lady determined to live and succeed. 

This is about Alien invasion, and how they hit the world in certain types of 'waves' to disable the population. In realizing that there are aliens that are among them, there is amazing twists and turns that I didn't even see what was coming. 

5th Wave: is the last wave and it is about Cassie living through the moments of loosing her mom to a Wave, to having her brother taken away for the 5th Wave cause and watch her father being killed. Then how she copes to find, tries to come up with a plan to find her brother an in turn finding a unlikely allied. She manages to overcome some hurdles and find her kid brother but not without discovering more than she anticipated. There were many unexpected surprises and jumps through this book which made it exhilarating.

Infinite Sea: Of course there is a continuation of the events that occurred in the 5th Wave but this shows us that what the Aliens truly were doing to people of earth to make them a monster machine. However, in doing this they cant control the mind and how humans still continue to fight for their rights. This sequel adds the character Ringer who does appear in the 1st book but doesn't have any chapter dialogue. And between Ringer and Cassie we figure out that there is much more to this invasion that initially thought. 

There is a 3rd book that will be released in May and I am stoked to read it. This is one of the best YA series I have read in a long time.....Rick Yancy has not disappointed me in the 1st two books. Exciting, thrilling, moving, and you will be rooting for her the whole read.....